Why God created Satan and Evil?

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Some people ask why God created evil in the World and why does He allow injustices in the World. God must have created evil so that people can appreciate goodness. If we don’t know evil, we will not be able to appreciate the qualities of goodness.

Some people ask why God created Satan to delude people. If we observe God’s creation, we see that He balances everything thing with another. All forces in nature are balanced by opposing forces and thereby they achieve an equilibrium position because of this balancing mechanism. Similarly Allah has created Satan and He has also created a mechanism to balance Satan’s evil suggestions in our psychology with the Spirit of the Words of Allah, which he has breathed into mankind. The test is that where we can achieve a balance or equilibrium position with good and evil forces present in our psyche.

Likewise, God created sufferings in the world so that human beings can relate to suffering and grow in compassion.

The knowledge about creation given to man kind is little and will be so in all times. Satan creates doubts in man by bringing forth arguments from both left and right side and creating doubts about creations with self made criteria. The Atheists perspective is getting popular in modern World with the premise that human beings can recognize and do good without the need of Divine guidance. The below video is particularly interesting because it is a talk given by a former atheist who reads Quran from that perspective for the first time and is amazed that how it addresses the atheistic issues which were present in his mind at that time. The interesting thing in the video is that the person was able to see what Quran was addressing at a much higher level, which a majority of people under influence of their upbringing, see at a very basic level.

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