This site is part of an endeavor to see things purely in the light of Quranic ayahs. The purpose of this site is to develop understanding of various topics we encounter in life and review our own beliefs, in the light of Quran.

To worship God means to serve God by following his instructions which are detailed in His Book to mankind. All messengers of God have asked mankind to get out of personality worships and false gods and act and judge according to Book of Allah. Mankind is designed by Allah to constantly learn, improve their conditions and make progress in all fields of life. They are to live peacefully in the world and engage in ideological struggle with those people who are bent upon making physical war-fare and mischief on the Earth.

Many people who say that they believe in Quran, when presented with ayahs from Quran conflicting with their belief system, instead of making their beliefs according to ayahs, they twist the understanding of these ayahs to conform to their existing belief system.

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